Business Support

What is Business Support?

If you wish to complete the on line Business Contact & Keyholder form go to the bottom of this page.

Neighbourhood Support Rotorua assists the Rotorua Police to record keyholder details and email contact details for businesses in Rotorua. The information is available to the Police to identify keyholders if after hours and to send via Neighbourhood Support Rotorua messages to the business community as required using the E-Crime Alert system.

  • Businesses register their contact details with Neighbourhood Support
  • Businesses register their keyholder details
  • Businesses of the same type are grouped e.g. clothing, accommodation, banking
  • Businesses in the same location can be grouped
  • Businesses can be members of  more than one business type

How does it work?

  • Businesses complete the Business Support Detail Form including key holder details, forms can be donwloaded here: 2021 Keyholder Business Contact and Covering Letter or by phoning 349-9470 or emailing or complete it on line at the bottom of this page.
  • The Forms are sent to Neighbourhood Support by one of these methods:
    • Dropping off at the Rotorua Police Station, Fenton St
    • Emailing to:
    • Mailing to: Neighbourhood Support, C/- Rotorua Police Station, Private Bag 3044, Rotorua
  • Neighbourhood Support enters the details into a secure database
  • Police through Neighbourhood Support Rotorua will send any warning of potential crimes/criminals, requests for information to businesses etc. by email through Neighbourhood Support’s Bulk Mail System.

What Business Group Types are there?

Accommodation   Animal   Automotive Repairs  Automotive Sales  Backpackers   Bank/Money Changer   Books/CDs   Buses/Taxis   Catering    CBD      Chemist     Clothing   Emporiums   Finance   Food   Hair   Industrial   Jewellery   Medical   Media   Real Estate   Rental Management   Petrol   School   Second hand Dealers   Souvenir      Sports Goods   Tourist   Transport

Others Types are added as required.

Online Business Contact & Keyholder Form: